UK-China Offshore Wind Co-operation

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and National Energy Administration (NEA)

Project: China has set ambitious targets to be the second largest market for offshore wind outside of Europe. The NEA has set a target of 5GW by 2015 as part of its 12th 5 year plan, with a projection of 30GW by 2030.

China is looking to develop offshore wind projects very quickly and use industry best practices.

The UK is the world’s leading market for offshore wind. Current installed capacity is 2.4GW with 40GW expected by 2020. UK developers are looking for low-cost manufacturers as well as new markets to develop projects in.

Our role: ITP India, with the China Hydro Power Design Institute, has been contracted by The British Embassy Beijing ( FCO) and the NEA to prepare Case Studies of UK and China Offshore Wind projects.

  • We will also provide study tours, workshops and training.
  • The project selected 6 UK offshore wind farm case studies in locations with similar physical and environmental conditions to China
  • This will catalyse co-operation between China and the UK for offshore wind

For further details on this project or our offshore wind capabilities, please contact us.