Design, Engineering and Project Development

IT Power Pvt. Ltd. offers design, engineering and project development services in renewable energy including Solar PV, Concentrated solar power, Floating PV, Onshore wind, Offshore wind, Small hydro, and Biomass. We provide services for each phase of the renewable energy project lifecycle including project scoping, feasibility studies, project design, project implementation and performance monitoring. Our expert advice is independent and based on depth of experience in renewable energy technology related services.

We draw on our extensive international expertise to provide following services:

  • Project scoping studies
  • Site selection
  • Pre-feasibility and detailed feasibility studies
  • Energy yield and resource analysis
  • Modelling and Optimization
  • Technical and financial analysis
  • Basic project engineering design
  • Project Implementation plan
  • Owner’s engineering services
  • Procurement services – bid process design, document preparations and evaluation
  • Performance monitoring, Impact assessment
  • Project Management

IT Power’s renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean energy access and climate change consulting services range is comprehensive. In addition to our engineering and project development services, we also offer services in:

For a list of our recent engineering and project development projects, check below;


  1. Mini-grid & off-grid project preparation (2019-2020) funded by XacBank Mongolia
  2. Deploying energy efficiency and distributed solar in the public buildings sector Project, Uzbekistan (2019-2020) funded by The World Bank
  3. Market Assessment of roof top solar in residential sector (in thirteen cities spread over four states in India) (2018-2019) funded by Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and a private company (an awardee of the grant support from US India Clean Energy Finance (USICEF)
  4. Assessing the Energy Access Space in Afghanistan and Developing an Energy Access Programme (2018-19) funded by International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group
  5. The provision of consultancy services on application of renewable energy through costs-from-savings in the PAEW`s Assets (2018-2019) funded by the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (now Public Authority for Water), Oman
  6. Consultancy for the design, supervision, procurement and commissioning of two mini-grids (Mini-Hydro plant & Solar PV) in Afghanistan (2017-2019) funded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Afghanistan
  7. Consultancy for renewable energy project: 1 mini hydro plant under Afghanistan Sustainable Energy and Rural Development (ASERD) Programme (2016-2017) funded by United Nations Development Programme
  8. Pre-feasibility study on land-neutral photovoltaic (PV) power plants in Kerala & Maharashtra, India (2015-2016) funded by KfW Development Bank
  9. Development of material and component specifications of six standard concentrated solar technologies as reference document for maintaining quality in the field (2014-2015) funded by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India & UNDP-GEF Concentrated Solar Heating Project
  10. Market assessment and technical design options study in Kannauj and Mahoba, for improving energy access in Uttar Pradesh (UP) India, using renewable energy (2014-2015) funded by The World Bank

Contact us for more details of how we can tailor our advisory services to your renewable energy and climate change project.