Dr Keith Lovegrove – Managing Director of ITP Thermal Pty Limited

Keith Lovegrove is the Managing Director of ITP Thermal and a leading expert in concentrating solar power (CSP). He has been advising  and working with ITP India team for many years. He has more than 30 years’ experience in solar energy combined with 15 years of teaching experience in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Energy Systems and Systems Engineering. He has worked extensively on the storage of solar energy with hydrogen and ammonia. He was previously the leader of the Solar Thermal Group at the Australian National University. In that role he was the lead inventor and design and construction team leader of the 500m2 (world’s largest) Generation II Big Dish solar concentrator.

Keith has a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) and PhD from the Australian National University. He has represented Australia as International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar PACES (Power and Chemical Energy Systems) Solar Chemistry task representative over many years and currently is the alternative executive committee representative. In 2012, he was a Member of the Australian Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council, Expert Working Group on Climate Energy and Water Links. He is a member of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology advisory board, board member of the Australian Solar Thermal Association and also serves on the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s advisory panel.