Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 2, 2020

Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 2, 2020

Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 1, 2020

Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 1, 2020

Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 4, 2019

Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 4, 2019

ITP India has successfully completed PAW’s project in Oman


The Public Authority for Water (PAW) formerly known as Public Authority of Electricity & Water (PAEW) is a governmental institution and the regulator for the water sector in Oman. PAW is also a direct water service provider, responsible for supplying potable water to homes and businesses except in few governorates. It operates around 1800 assets including reverse osmosis plants, pumping stations, booster pumping stations, wells/well fields as well as tanker filling stations and buildings throughout the country.

The energy costs for the operation of these assets represent a huge annual operational expenditure and is likely to increase as water demand is increasing country wide. Furthermore, the electricity bills are expected to increase significantly particularly during the summer peak load duration on account of the Cost Reflective Tariff (CRT) regulation issued by the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) in January 2017 and revised thereafter every year which are imposed on PAW’s assets consuming more than 150 MWh/year.

PAW was interested in investigating the application of Renewable Energy (RE) through cost-from-savings by replacing high CRT and diesel costs in its energy-intensive assets.


Based on the terms of reference, ITP India along with ITPE UK and SIE Oman was responsible, amongst others, for:

  • Review of international experiences on RE applications and costs-from-savings
  • Prioritization of sites, site visits to 18 PAW assets and selection of 10 sites for feasibility studies
  • Development of methodology and accordingly conducting detailed technical and financial feasibility studies for 10 selected sites which included grid and off-grid solar PV grid plants.
  • Development of implementation plan and bidding documents
  • Organisation of knowledge transfer sessions in India and final workshop in Muscat, Oman
  • Recommendations to PAW based on final workshop outcomes

The assignment delivered ten (10) reports and documents.


  • Project duration: May 2018 to March 2019
  • Project location: Oman


Public Authority of Water (PAW), Oman

Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 2, 2019

Access to Energy – Quarterly Bulletin Vol 2, 2019

DBcertiC- Certification Course on DesignBuilder, a building energy simulation software

DesignBuilder is a globally preferred building performance analysis software which is used to simulate and analyze the energy performance of the building.

DesignBuilder uses EnergyPlus, the state of the art simulation engine from the US Department of Energy as its background calcula­tion engine for whole energy modelling including HVAC, daylighting, airflow, cost, energy and carbon emissions. The software is useful for architects, engineers and design specialists for obtaining building green ratings (such as GRIHA, LEED).

The objective of the DesignBuilder certification course is to make the student comfortable with the software, equip her/him to interpret the results and appreciate its capabilitie

For registration, click on the given link:


Terms and Conditions (Please tick the box)

 I understand that the course is intended to provide instructions on using the Designbuilder software to analyse building energy efficiency thereby enhancing my skills. However, it is understood that the DBcertiC course does not guarantee a job nor a promotion in my current assignment. As such I will not hold the DBcertiC course, nor the provider of the course responsible for the same. There are certain system and internet network requirements for attending the session lectures. I have read and understood the same. It is my responsibility to ensure I have the proper system and internet network connection as per requirement . Failure on my part to arrange the system and internet network requirements may lead to problems in attending the course lectures, but I shall not hold DBcertiC, nor the provider of the course responsible for the same and will not be able to claim any refund for the same. I also understand that I will not be entitled for any refund once I have enrolled for the course, irrespective of whether I am able to attend the sessions or not. I also confirm that the confidentiality of any course material shared with me. I also do hereby confirm that the I will be the sole attendant of this lecture session and my user id and password will not be used by any other person.