Exclusive association to promote DesignBuilder software in India

ITPI has partnered with Team Catalyst Pty Ltd (the sole distributor of DesignBuilder software in India) to provide marketing and technical support for DesignBuilder software in India, on an exclusive basis.

DesignBuilder is a building energy simulation software which is used to simulate and analyze energy performance of a building. DesignBuilder uses EnergyPlus, the state of the art simulation engine from the US Department of Energy as its background calcula­tion engine for whole energy modelling including HVAC, daylighting, airflow, cost, energy and carbon emissions.

Also Available: DBCertiC- Certification course on DesignBuilder, a building energy simulation software

For more details on the software and licenses, contact: Qammar N. Ahmad

Tel: +91 (011) 46001191/92

Email: designbuilder@itpower.co.in

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